We perform integral electromechanical services, both in our workshops and on site, on board ships or at our customers' facilities.


Repair and Manufacturing

At FASE we are specialists in the repair of medium and low voltage electric motors, as well as in the manufacture of coils, both for static and rotating machines.
We manufacture any coil for low and medium voltage in voltages of 24, 110, 220, 460, 2,300 and 4,160 volts in alternating current and 12, 24, 110, 220, 500 and 750 volts in direct current.

In addition, we complete our offer with complete services in manufacturing, repair and maintenance of industrial electrical machinery.



• Winding of hydraulic, wind and cogeneration alternators

• Engine windings

• Repair and recovery of coils

• Transformer winding.

• Alignment of electrical machines

• Installation of vibration control systems

• Repair of electrical control and power panels

• Overhaul of bearings, stator and rotor, etc...