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FASE makes available to you its own production line, design and delivery, for the building of customised electrical panels.



of electrical panels

FASE, puts at your disposal our own production line, building and delivery of all types of electrical panels, both low voltage and medium voltage panels.

Our products are made of metal sheet, designed by ourselves, to ensure their robustness, since, in FASE, the design and quality of our equipments are always one step ahead thanks to our many years of experience.

Types of electrical panels


voltage panels

Built in withdrawable units, for the vessel’s main electrical distribution. With voltage ranges of 3.3 kV, 6.6 kV and 11 kV and short circuit capacity of up to 50 kA. In compliance with IEC standards and classification societies requirements. Medium voltage switchgear/panels have been subjected to the following types of tests:

  • 50 kA/1 sec arc test, heating test up to 3,150 A, 50 kA short circuit test and dielectric and protection level tests as per the provisions of the UNE 62271-200 standard.

  • Seismic test as per UNE 60068 standard, IEE344 and ETGI-1020.

Low voltage switchgear /panels

Built in fixed, modular or withdrawable units, with certification of up to 100 kA short-circuit capacity. Tests as per the UNE 60439, UNE 60068, IEE344 and ETGI-1020 standards.


Direct starters, inverters, automatic transformers, soft starters, etc. 

Control panels 

For protection and measurement, regulation and control panels, automation cabinets (PLC) and distributed control cabinets, control desks and panels, synoptic controls for the synchronization of generators, etc.

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