Electrical facilities in railway infrastructures, motorways, urban centers with complete guarantee, integrating satisfactorily any prerequisites.



· Catenary

· Integration of electro-mechanical systems
  of railway lines

· Fixed and mobile communications

· Security systems

· Electric traction substation

· High, Medium and Low Voltage power lines.

· Public Lighting

· Emergency Lighting

· And in general, all types of electrical installations.

Fase carries out installations in road tunnels, on freeways,  highways and also on projects for lighting and signaling of public roads as well as maintenance, control and modification of existing lighting.


· Energy Networks
· Installation of power and lighting systems

· Lighting of roads

· Emergency poles
· Tunnels
· Environmental sensor system
· Lighting Control
· Transverse ventilation

· Installation of luminaries

· Longitudinal and filter

· Emergency
· Regular and emergency lighting
· Integration of facilities and systems
· Fire detection and extinguishing systems
· Communication and radio communication networks

· Emergency poles and PA systems


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