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We work in companies from all industrial and commercial sectors.

Electrical installations allow the transmission of electrical energy, making possible the proper operation of machines and electrical equipments, present in industries and businesses.


y montaje eléctrico


desarollo y concepción

de productos industriales.

Ejecución y operación

de sistemas

de generación, transmisión y distribución eléctrica.

Supervisión, coordinación técnica

y gestión


y mantenimiento

de sistemas eléctricos automatizados.

Que hacemos?

Trabajamos con:

· Generación, transmisión, distribución y utilización de energía eléctrica

· Máquinas, equipos e instalaciones eléctricas y electrónicas

· Fuentes alternativas de energía

Industrial facilities

Electrical installation and assembly

Planning, development and design of industrial products

Construction and operation of power generation, transmission and distribution systems.

Supervision, technical coordination and management

Assessment and maintenance of automated electrical systems

Electrical solutions

Power generation, transmission, distribution and use.
Electrical and electronic machines, equipment and installations.

Alternative energy sources

Que hacemos
Trabajamos con
centros comerciales


in shopping centres

In a shopping centre, providing comfort for consumers is most important; for this reason, factors such as the following are taken into account:

· The setting

· Artificial and natural light

· The temperature

· The decoration

· Advertising accessories

Each of them has a direct effect on the development of the project. Additionally, it is essential to ensure there will not be any interruption of the power supply, so  the installations of emergency plants require an special, and even isolated location, to minimise the noise pollution associated with these pieces of equipments.



FASE also performs installation and maintenance projects for all types of hotel complexes.

Our services include: electrical diagrams and switchboards, lighting and power, UPS, transformers, low voltage switchboards, generator sets, step-up transformers, medium voltage switchgear and many others.

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