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A ship is a highly complex production unit, which has built-in systems and equipments with a high degree of technological sophistication. This means a high level of preparation on the part of the engineers who manage, operate and maintain them, to ensure optimum efficiency.


Electronics, machinery

and marine automation

Action areas

· Main ship propulsion system

· Electrical power generation and distribution systems

· Engineering and design of electrical panels and marine power plants (schemes, diagrams. . . )

· Detailed engineering, installation engineering, technical specifications engineering, instrumentation and control engineering.

· Electrical security systems, including  emergency response vessels, winches, lighting, etc.

· Vessel automation system

· Auxiliary navigation systems

· Distribution control systems

· Internal and external communication systems       

Security systems

Fire protection, gases and smoke security systems, floodgates and machinery alarms


Complete/full led installations which allow a greater durability of the lighting installation and reduces wear and damage.

Automation systems

The proper automation electrical systems allow optimal workflow and increase work safety on board.

Marine electromechanics maintenance

Our professionals are highly qualified, working independently or on a team, to assume specific functions in the maintenance and reparation of mechanical and electromechanical systems, particularly, in vessels, but also in the industrial, commercial and civil sector.


Coordinating and implementing programmes, plans and maintenance operations and repairing the vessels’ electromechanical equipments to improve their performance and reliability.

- Analising the adaptation needs of the technologies to the specificities of a particular installation, equipments and systems.

- Developing the actions needed for repair, selecting materials carefully, the technological processes and human resources. As well as carrying out necessary checks to ensure the quality of the repair.

Accompanying, supervising and inspecting the process of the execution of repairs, in order to attend the project specifications, transmitting appropriate technical instructions to the workers, ensuring the proper implementation of repairs.


Management of plans , operations and quality in the maintenance and repair of equipments, vessels and installations, among others. We are able to select and manage materials and techniques.

We have technicians who are specialists in transport technologies and safety, environmental management in transports, projects and decision support systems. They are qualified to propose corrective solutions to make unforeseen alterations on the maintenance and repair work of the electromechanical equipments in vessels.

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